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The "Village", as it was called, is located in the northwest corner of the city of Taunton, Massachusetts U.S.A. It covers about 1 square mile with the center being School Street. A large portion of the Village population was Portuguese when I was growing up.

This blog covers a lot of the history of the Village, much to do with my years as a child there: 1940 through the late 1950's. I do have many wonderful photos and information prior to that that and will share those as well. Always looking for MORE PHOTOS AND MORE STORIES TO TELL.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We have been chatting about the way we played as children in the Village.  Pretty much it was up to us to find things to do and places to go.  But, for A BIG TRIP, we were taken to Lincoln Park in S. Dartmouth, MA.   The history of that place matches the memories.
Here is a photo of my Aunts Eleanor and Alveda and my Uncle Bunny (John) 
probably taken in the early 40's.  

Much of the information I am sharing is from Wikopedia 
and a couple of websites listed below that you can explore. 

As with much else in our lives then, things seemed simpler.
Federal Spending in 1947 was $34.50 billion. Imagine!
But, clouds were on the horizon as we learned about bomb shelters in the 1950's.
 Still, two tunes on the Hit Parade were Serenade of the Bells and Nature Boy.  

                                                  soundtrack: Serenade of the Bells

Lincoln Park began as a small park on 20 acres just where it stood when we knew it. The Park opened July 4, 1894 drawing crowds of people from the towns all around.  They came by trolley, the trolley system had a hard time keeping up. The name Lincoln Park came from a contest,
the winners name lost to history.

In 1895 the original carousel was opened, later replaced in 1921.  That second beloved carousel now sits proudly at the Battleship Cove in Fall River where it was moved in 1985.

In 1912 a "giant Roller Coaster" was added, replaced in 1946 by the wooden Comet we all knew.
Read more in the second website below for what happened in the history of that coaster, which I do not remember or never knew.

In 1940's the Ferris Wheel and more rides and concessions were added. That helps us to date the photo above, as you can clearly see the roller coaster in the background.

 In the 1980's the owners passed away and the Park was sold.  A lot of us remember seeing that old site with the big FOR SALE sign on the fence, and another indicating that condos were to be built there.  The wooden skeleton of the Comet could be seen disintegrating against the sky.  A group was formed to try to save it as it was one of, if not the only, wooden roller coaster left in the country.  Within this past year, the rest of the skeleton was taken down and carted away.

                         Do you have more memories and photos of Lincoln Park to share?

  Meanwhile, for more information to tickle your memories
check out these web sites and do watch the two videos,
they will really spur those memories into action.

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  1. Your information and videos on the park were very interesting. I found the two websites really fascinating! To top it off the song The Miracles of the Bells is one of my favorites.Can't get better than that! I highly recommend the two websites to anyone.They are wonderful!