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The "Village", as it was called, is located in the northwest corner of the city of Taunton, Massachusetts U.S.A. It covers about 1 square mile with the center being School Street. A large portion of the Village population was Portuguese when I was growing up.

This blog covers a lot of the history of the Village, much to do with my years as a child there: 1940 through the late 1950's. I do have many wonderful photos and information prior to that that and will share those as well. Always looking for MORE PHOTOS AND MORE STORIES TO TELL.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Postscript:Camp Miles Standish

Camp Miles Standish closed the year of Alveda and Ziggy's marriage: 1946. 
It was decommissioned January 11th  and it  closed in one day.
All of the civilian workers were laid off in that one day.
There was a brief span of time when Taunton officials tried to get the Camp
 to be the location of the newly founded United Nations.

 That, as we know, did not work out.

                                                              The Echoes of Legacy

The over a million and a half service American and Allied men and women passing 
through the Camp were from :

17th Field Artillery Brigade
20th Fighter Groud
26th Infantry Division
29th Transport Squadron
34th Tank Battalion
372nd Military Police Company
395th Infantry Regiment
452d Bombardment Squadron (medium)
361st Fighter Squadron
49th Troop Carrier Squadron
501st Infantry Regiment
555th Signal Aircraft
57th Fighter Group
5th Ranger Battalion
68th Armor Regiment
70th Infantry Division
95th Infantry Division
99th Bombardment Wing
III Corps
30th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop
167th  Engineer Combat Battalion

                                     A little spot in Taunton  played a pivotal role in WWII.

   To memorialize those from Taunton who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war an Honor Roll was placed was erected and for years had pride of place on Taunton Green.  The dedication was photographed by Alveda and here is that photograph.... date unknown.  That little boy looks familiar.....

For $1 in 1953, the state purchased the Camp, and on Oct. 26th of that year, former presidential candidate and Governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson, with  other dignitaries
 and Governor Paul Dever of Massachusetts  presided at the dedication of
The Paul Dever School for  Disabled Youth. A crowd of over 5,000 was present.
 The School was built at a cost of $10, 200,000.
 Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall were also present, remembers one of our readers who was there.
In  2002  due to changes in state policies, Paul Dever was finally closed and now its shuttered remains have joined those left by the Camp.
In 1973, the City of Taunton purchased 700 acres of the old Camp area to establish
the Miles Standish Industrial Park.


Acknowledgements:  Sources:

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of presentation by Dr. William Hanna, Taunton Historian and author History of Taunton.
Many of Dr. Hanna's quotes were used in these posts.

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Coming: interim posts as I prepare for the telling of The Origins of the people of the Village.
Welcome to any and all who wish to help with their family history in this regard,

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